The Story of My Father’s Place

Suburban Rebel (working title) is the forthcoming feature-length documentary about a classic underdog who transformed a nightclub, shook an industry and gave someone you know better taste in music.

You may not have heard of the club, My Father’s Place, or its inimitable owner, Michael, “Eppy” Epstein, but together they produced sounds that made the village of Roslyn, a sleepy town on the north shore of Long Island in New York, an unlikely world capital for original music and comedy of unparalleled diversity.

Produced by Meshakai Wolf of Band of Light and Eric Weil of Reservoir Films, the film is in post-production in anticipation of its festival premiere in the spring of 2023.

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This film is for the fans of the club and the millions more who were enriched by its music. Also, people who like good movies.

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*My Father’s Place was a music venue in Roslyn, New York. It first opened in 1971. In the nearly 16 years the club was open before it closed in 1987, My Father’s Place presented more than 6,000 shows from over 3,000 diverse artists. Its owner, Michael ‘Eppy’ Epstein refused to book cover bands, and so the club became know as a place aspiring artists could perform. (courtesy of Wikipedia)
**This film production is independent of My Father’s Place and its owners. 

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