The Story of My Father’s Place

The true story of incredible music and the guy behind My Father’s Place


An indelible new documentary about a man who dropped out, dug in, broke big, screwed up and lived a rock ’n roll fantasy for the ages.

The visionary ringmaster behind the premier showcase that dazzled millions, enriched countless radios and stunned a jaded music industry takes center stage at last!


The Slits
Bruce Springsteen
Peter Tosh
Captain Beefheart
Big Star
Soft Machine
Jackson Browne
The Modern Lovers

Richie Havens

The Runaways
Lou Reed

Talking Heads
Big Youth
Linda Ronstadt
Todd Rundgren
Tom Petty
The Pyschedelic Furs

The Ramones
The Police
Augustus Pablo
Black Flag
Hall & Oates
Fairport Convention
Andy Kaufman
Elvis Costello
Tom Waits

and many more...

Photos by Steve Rosenfield

“I knew nothing about the nightclub business but I swore I could fill the place on the worst night of the year!”    - Michael ‘Eppy’ Epstein

With a deep love of music, zero experience and sheer nerve, one man turned a failing nightclub in a sleepy town into the electrifying cultural force the New York Times called “a scene that would influence music for decades to come.”

It shouldn’t have worked at all. Virtually nobody expected much of either the 22-year-old savior, Michael “Eppy” Epstein, or the object of his rescue, the moribund My Father’s Place. Brash and determined, Eppy transformed the venue into a premier destination for sensational and diverse sounds. 

On any given night, lucky patrons heard living legends and future superstars perform rock, folk, reggae, punk, funk, new wave, jazz, blues, comedy and more.  

Musicians that Eppy helped elevate to mainstream success included Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Blondie, Billy Joel, The Police and Burning Spear, among many others.

Somehow, Eppy created this haven for classic and cutting-edge music while keeping in place the club’s terminally uncool name. “Names are bullshit,” Eppy reasoned, and with each show he staged he proved his point anew.

This is the incredible and very true story of an unlikely impresario's lifelong quest to soundtrack your soul. Take a uniquely cinematic journey through the wonders of My Father’s Place; seeing and hearing is believing!


Teaser #1 - Summer 2018 (1:09)

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